Introduction to Cyber Security

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What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the practice of protecting electronic systems or devices, networks, and data from malicious attacks


This 2 days introductory course is intended to make you aware of the different aspects of cyber security, and guide you in the area you are interested in.


There are no prerequisites to attend this course, but we recommend having a good basic knowledge of computing.

Who Should attend

We recommend this course for anybody looking for a career in IT security or cyber security

Course Structure

2 days of instructor-led training, including hands-on experience with computers and hardware.

Course Content

Introduction to Cyber Security – Day 1
Benefits of Cyber Security
How to secure your Wireless network
Free Anti-V and Free Storage
Steps to becoming a cyber security specialist
Free global certificate in Cyber Security
Steps to Secure your PC
Set Up Two-Factor Authentication
Setup Wireless Device Securely

Introduction to Cyber Security – Day 2
Opportunities in cyber security
Cryptography overview
Concepts of cryptography and how it works
Summary on Cryptography

Why choose Tip Technology?

  • Tip Technologies provide you course ware materials, practice questions, answer templates and exam guidance
  • We make your learning experience enjoyable
  • We provide pre- and post-course support so you never feel alone
  • All of our trainings are hands-on, using real-world examples

Advantages of Cyber Security

  • Cyber Security have a long promising career to build on
  • Cyber Security is globally recognized and vendor-neutral
  • Cyber Security professionals will stand out in the job market
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