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What is F5 LTM?

F5 is an application services industry. They major on application traffic re-engineering as well as security. LTM (Local Traffic Manager) is one of the several modules F5 offer. F5 LTM deals with application traffic engineering enhancing service availability and performance to end users.


This four-day course gives you a functional understanding of the BIG-IP LTM V11 system as it is commonly used, as well as an in-depth understanding of advanced features. The course covers installation, configuration and management of BIG-IP LTM systems. There would be hands-on lab which would test your understanding of the course.


Delegates should understand the following:

  • TCP/IP Addressing and Routing
  • Command Line Access (Windows CMD)
  • Common elements of WAN and LAN

In addition, delegates should be proficient in:

  • pico editor or vi editor,
  • the tcpdump program, and
  • A bit of scripting

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for system and network administrators responsible for installation, setup, configuration, and administration of the BIG-IP LTM system.

Course Structure

In this 4 days instructor-led course, you will learn about:

  • Installation and licensing
  • Virtual Servers and Pools and Load Balancing
  • Profile
  • iRules
  • Persistence
  • Health Monitors
  • SSL Termination and certificate Management
  • NATs and SNATs
  • Highly Available Redundant System configurations
  • Tmsh (TM Shell) command line, SNMP and Logging
  • BIG-IP Admin topics such as Clustered Multi-Processing (CMP), VLAN Management and Administrative Domains

Course Content

  • Product Overviews and Hardware
  • Installation and Initial Access
  • Load Balancing
  • Monitors
  • Profiles
  • Persistence
  • Processing SSl Traffic
  • Lab Project #1
  • NATs and SNATs
  • iRules
  • High Availability
  • High Availability Part 2
  • Tmsh Command Line Configuration
  • BIG-IP Administration
  • Maintaining BIG-IP
  • Profiles Part 2
  • iApps
  • Virtual Servers Part 2
  • SNATs Part 2
  • Monitors Part 2
  • Persistence Part 2
  • iRules Part 2
  • Lab Project 2

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Advantages of F5 LTM

  • F5 trained professionals are highly on demand. F5 LTM knowledge gives you an edge it the application service market as organizations and corporations are moving to the cloud
  • F5 knowledge is globally recognized, meaning certified professionals can work with a range of companies using F5 solution(s).
  • Please Note: this training is not aimed at obtaining an F5 certification