Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber Security Awareness 

What is Cyber Security Awareness  

Cyber security awareness the knowledge that your data is under threat and knowing what you can do about it. It’s not a “learn it and leave it” idea, rather an ongoing task to keep your data, and your customer’s data, safe. 


This introductory course is intended to make you aware of the different aspects of Cyber Security, and guide you in the area you are interested in. 


There are no prerequisites to attend this course, but we recommend having a good basic knowledge of computing. 

Who Should attend? 

We recommend this course for anybody looking for a career in Cyber security 

Course Structure 

This 1 day course can be thought online or on site. Introducing Cyber security to the attendees. 

Course Content 

Understanding Cyber threats 

  • Hacking 
  • Social Engineering 
  • Email Phishing 
  • Mobile Devices 
  • Spyware, Ransomware and Malware 
  • Social Media 
  • Web Security 
  • Physical Security 

Preventing Cyber threats 

  • Secure Passwords 
  • Two-Factor Authentication 
  • Securing Mobile Devices 
  • Browsing Securely 
  • Limiting Removable Media 
  • Encryption 
  • Destroying Sensitive Data 
  • Physical Security Measures 
  • Preventing Phishing 

IWhy choose Tip Technology? 

  • Tip Technologies provide you course ware materials, practice questions, answer templates and exam guidance 
  • We make your learning experience enjoyable 
  • We provide pre- and post-course support so you never feel alone 
  • All of our trainings are hands-on, using real-world examples 

Advantages of Cyber Security Awareness 

  •  Reduces the Chances of a Breach. Well-trained staff with cybersecurity awareness training will know how to spot phishing and spear-phishing … 
  • Gives Employees More Ownership of Cyber Security. 
  • Helps You Deploy Cyber Technologies Faster. 
  •  Protects Your Business Assets. 
  •  Minimizes Downtime.