Cyber Risk Management

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What is Cyber Risk Management?

The primary function of risk management as a whole is to allow business leaders to determine the best course of action based on the probability of a given outcome and the possible detriments that decision.
As organizations have digitized, cyber risk management (CRM) has become a pillar of an effective risk management strategy.

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This course will provide you with the essential foundational concepts, knowledge and skills necessary to tackle cyber risk management (CRM)


Delegates should have basic understanding of cyber technology. Some knowledge of cyber security would be beneficial.

Who Should Attend

We recommend this course for anyone who is changing careers to something more stable, and those who have the knack for technology.

What You Will Learn

With successful completion of this course, you will:

  • Understand threat landscape  
  • Understand how to risk manage security threats
  • Understand steps to mitigate risk

Course Content

Module 1 – Introduction to Cyber Risk
What is cyber security risk?
Types of risk
The threat landscape
The impact of cyber threats
Dealing with Risk

Module 2
Identifying risk
Evaluating risk
Mitigating threats
Risk Management

Module 3
Risk management as part of a wider cyber security management approach
Meeting cyber security standards
Risk management strategy
Following best practice
By the end of the course, you will:

Module 4
Understand how today’s cyber-attacks are executed
Recognize the key categories of cyber-attack
Discover key strategies that can prevent or mitigate cyber-security risks
Gain skills in the detection and investigation of cybercrime
Assess & assure the cyber-security posture of your organisation

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