Cloud VPC

What is cloud vpc 

Cloud vpc is virtual private cloud this means that the cloud is run by a company like amazon but you control everything. 


This course talks about cloud vpc . The advantages , disadvantages and how to use the cloud. 


This course is designed for Somone in the field of IT .  

Course content 

  • Introducing cloud platforms 
  • Getting started with cloud platform 
  • Virtual machines in the cloud 
  • Storage in the cloud 
  • Container in the cloud 
  • Applications in the cloud 
  • Developing , deploying and monitoring in  the cloud 
  • Big data and machine learning in the cloud 

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Advantages of cloud vpc 

Benefit for employers  

  • The data in the cloud is private 
  • You control the cloud 

Benefit for employees 

  • Higher wages 
  • Rewards (restaurant offers ,cinema tickets)