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Designed for those interested in AI and Data Analysis
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Designed for those interested in building secure networks
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Designed for those interested in Cyber Security
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Designed for those interested in building secure networks


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“I decided to study data analysis some months ago. Having no prior experience, I recognised that I particularly needed tutors who would be able to inspire interest. Tutors who were able and prepared to come to my level. The networking and data science bootcamp organised by Tip Technologies was an excellent programme. The tutors were clearly deeply knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the subject area. And they were also brilliant tutors! The course was very insightful with valuable lectures and corresponding materials and projects. I was able to analyse data, plot results and build models. Additionally, I was able to develop the confidence I needed for my journey into the world of data science. I highly recommend Tip Technologies”.
Dr Aghogho Ben/ Student

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Waoh! Cyber Security And Data Science! A Great Deal!
I am Eric Pascal, I am about to finish six intensive weeks on Cyber Security -Network and Data Science Technology with
With little knowledge on Cyber Security and Data Science at the start of the training, I am about to complete the Training , well trained and grounded in knowledge and understanding, as a Cyber Security engineer and a Data Scientist.
I am able today to build and manage a medium to large local and global well secure Network with high security level.
In Data Science, I can make use of Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning algorithms and Deep learning for predictions, classifications and clustering to analyse Data and Big Data.
Extracting Big Data from Cloud, analyse it and come out with high accuracy predictions was a joyful experience with big data. I learnt and receive a deep insight of Anaconda, Jupiter note and Spider and many others.
Yes, the training was intense and both lecturers, with over 20 years of experience on the field of Cyber Security and Data Science were amazing. They were well grounded in knowledge and very helpful and professional. They were very patient with students and very good in terms of teaching.
Personally, the knowledge I receive through this intense six weeks was beyond my expectation. I really enjoyed and very grateful to the two lecturers which assisted me to add value to my professional skill. I am excited and thankful for the great opportunities ahead .
The Training Cost is actually a bargain. I personally advise every one interested in Data Science and Cyber Security to train with Tip Technologies.
Tip Technologies is the Best! They also offer out of class guidance to prepare you for a long term career. My deep gratitude and thanks to Osaze, the Cyber Security Lecturer and to Dr Arinze, the Data Science Lecturer for all the support and guidance.
Thanks so much for this great privilege.
I wish many will see and grasp this wonderful opportunity.

Erik Juda / Student