What is soar 

SOAR is security orchestration , automation and response. This is for threat and vulnerability management as well as incident respond. 


This is a course on software capabilities and how to find threats and how to fix them. 


This course is designed for security anybody who wants to protect their information or get into the field of cyber security. 

Course content 

  • Introduction to soar 
  • Security orchestation 
  • Automation 
  • Response 
  • Threats in the software 
  • Incident response 

Why choose Tip Technology? 

  • Tip Technologies provide you course-ware with presentation slides, practice questions, and hands-on-labs 
  • We offer free coaching session to help you focus and excel in the direction of your strength 
  • We provide life time support so you never feel alone 
  • Get practical experience with real-world examples 

Advantages of soar  

Benefit for employers  

  • Ensures the company is more safer from attacks 
  • Ensure the software has the latest patches 
  • Ensure the companies knows how to handle a threat 

Benefit for employees 

  • Higher wages 
  • Rewards (restaurant offers ,cinema tickets)