Project Management

What is Project Management? 

Project management is who Is managing a project and who hold responsibility for the project. Project management also includes choosing the right people for the jobs and constantly making sure they have all the resource they need and the funding. 


This course is a 25 hours project management course. 


This course is designed for someone who wants to get into project management or any type of management roles. 

Who should Attend? 

We recommend this course is for anyone looking to get into a management role or a senior role. We also recommend this for people who have their own business or are planning to have  a business. 

Course structure 

This is A online course in which you can book the slot that suit you. 

Course Content 

  • The responsibilities of project management. 
  • The responsibilities of the people on the team. 
  • The responsibilities of providing the resource or funding required. 
  • PRINCE 2 method 
  • Project planning 
  • Project management 
  • Time Management 
  • Scheduling 
  • Negotiating 
  • Critical Thinking 

Why choose Tip Technology? 

  • Tip Technologies provide you course-ware with presentation slides, practice questions, and hands-on-labs 
  • We offer free coaching session to help you focus and excel in the direction of your strength 
  • We provide life time support so you never feel alone 
  • Get practical experience with real-world examples 

Benefit for employers 

  • Ensures employees have good negotiation skills. 
  • Ensures that employees have good time management skills. 
  • Ensures that employees have good project management skills. 
  • Ensures employees have good planning skills. 

Benefits for employees  

  • Higher job roles. 
  • Higher wages 
  • Travel 
  • Big bonuses 
  • Other reward the company offers