What is DNS 

Domain Name Servers or DNS are very similar to a phone book that contains all the public domains and their corresponding IP Addresses. 

 DNS is an internet service that translates the domain name into IP addresses. Whenever you request for google.com or any other website, your request first goes to DNS servers. 


This introductory course is intended to make you aware of the different aspects of DNS 


IP security foundation for engineers 

Who Should attend? 

Anyone who wishes to gain an understanding of the basic concepts of DNS can attend this course. This training course is well-suited for: 

  • Management Participants 
  • Students at Beginner Level 
  • Technical and Non-technical Participants 

Course Structure   


Course Content 

  • DNS Fundamentals 
  • Domains and Domain Name 
  • Zones 
  • Authoritative Name Servers 
  • Caching Name Servers 
  • Name Servers in Multiple Roles 

IWhy choose Tip Technology? 

  • Tip Technologies provide you course ware materials, practice questions, answer templates and exam guidance 
  • We make your learning experience enjoyable 
  • We provide pre- and post-course support so you never feel alone 
  • All of our trainings are hands-on, using real-world examples 

Advantages of DNS 

  • Generally, DNS is the only system in the entire world that can help you browse the internet. With the internet becoming an integral part of the society, it has increasingly become important that DNS Servers remain maintained. Without them, then the internet would not exist. 
  • no need for memorizing IP addresses -DNS servers provide a nifty solution of converting domain or sub domain names to IP addresses.