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June 2021

Cyber Security Free Seminar

Cyber Security Free Seminar tiptechnologies_6agik4

June 21 at 18:00 

Introduction to Cyber Security 

About this event 

Cyber security is one of the world’s most challenging business concerns, impacting national security, infrastructure, and economy, hence cyber security skills are a most sought-after necessity.  

This webinar enables you understand concepts in the cyber space, such as cyber risks, threats, vulnerabilities, risk management, and so on. Ideal for both professionals looking for a career change and novices wanting to break through the cyber security industry. 

The course also emphasizes an understanding of the cybersecurity lifecycle, industry standard frameworks and best practices that help an organization achieve a robust and mature cybersecurity posture. 

Join some of the security professionals and academics in this free webinar to learn security essentials, and practices for everyday use in the prevention of cybercrime, and data protection. 

This event will cover: 

• Benefits of cyber security. 

• Securing your network. 

• The route to a successful cyber security specialist career. 

• Means of securing your PC. 

• Setting up a two-factor authentication.  

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